Vintage Baguio

Camp John Hay.

This is the remaining patch of Baguio which is still reminiscent of my childhood pilgrimage to the city. 

Panagbenga 2012. Ma had this sudden urge to go to Baguio for this annual event.

Street dance parade. Our first day was allotted for this. We attempted to watch the dance competition itself at Baguio's open field but the overwhelming crowd and the heat and the inconvenient standing location forbade us from staying. We just had our lunch at Forest House and returned to our hotel for a long siesta, instead.

View from Forest House.

 Le Monet Hotel. We stayed at this new hotel inside Camp John Hay. Its grand opening coincided with our first day. Cocktails and celebrities and circus personalities were present during their afternoon party. 

2nd day at the open field. We arrived early at Baguio's Superbowl so we can have good seats while watching the actual flower parade itself. 

We ended up going against the flow of the flower floats so we can avoid the crowd squeezing their way inside the stadium. The rest of the day was filled with more eating, more walking, and more shopping. 

Burnham Park. Same old Baguio, new fiesta experience.

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