Island-Hopping Visayas

Ave Maria Island, Guimaras.

I tagged along with the out-of-town trip of my highschool friend, Maika, and her college friends. We flew in to Bacolod and hired a cab to the ferry terminal. We rode a ferry to Ilo-ilo where we literally just crossed the city to reach the jetty port. From there we rode a boat to Guimaras and went on a long and dark tricycle ride to our resort, which happened to be at the other tip of the island. Thanks to our delayed airline, it was already late when we arrived at Guimaras. We were rushing the whole time to reach the schedule of our next ferry and boat trips.

The shoreline of our resort was a bit too crowded. We rode a small banca and looked at the nearby islands.

We settled down at Ave Maria Is. where our box of chips and drinks made us last the whole day there.

We left early the next day so we could have a tour of Bacolod. Guimaras was famous for mangoes. We purchased and took home kilos of mangoes.

We again passed by Ilo-ilo. From our short trike ride, one could see that the city was able preserve their old buildings.

Our first agenda in Bacolod was to have their Inasal. Utensils were not given in the restaurant so we had to eat using our own hands. It was best-tasting Inasal I had.

My special request was to drop by Calea: a local cafe with inexpensive but yummy cakes. I took home a box with different flavors.

Our cab driver was especially kind to be our tourist guide for the day. He brought us to the Ruins. It was an old mansion surrounded by fields where a wealthy family used to reside.

Our trip ended with a visit to an old house in Negros where it felt like an archi field trip. This residence was  turned into a museum that showcased a typical wealthy dwelling with its well-preserved rooms and memorabilia. 

The Ruins through the eyes of Loomi.

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