Las Casas in Monotone

Bridgeway leading to the shore.

Bataan was a quick ride from Manila through NLEX. On our way to the resort, we made a detour to visit Mt. Samat National Shrine.

Built on top of a mountain, this monument was dedicated to both Filipino and American soldiers who fought during World War II. At the foot of the cross was this marble structure with a museum underneath. Its walls inscribed the story behind this shrine.

A winding ramp lead to this 92 meter high cross. Its arms were actually a view deck which could be accessed through an old elevator.

Further travel from Mt. Samat was our actual destination: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. This resort was a collection of various colonial houses found all over the country. The owners transported and restored these residences and converted them into spaces fit for a dreamy resort. 

Our room was located on the 3rd floor of this building. Commercial spaces of souvenir shops, bakery and studio were conveniently located at its ground floor. This structure replicated one of Escolta's buildings.

Our balcony gave us a view of the cobbled open space.

Our overnight stay included a tour around the whole compound.This 3-storey house used to be located in Binondo. It was a residence of illegal settlers before it was transported here. Currently, this structure houses one of the resort's luxurious suites.

Scattered around the compound were sculptures and fountains depicting different local scenes. The resort also included a pool which resembled a river with boulders at its edge.

Future expansion of the resort included a big church, as seen on the right. Across the bridge were beach-front accommodations.

To further romanticize the old world charm, a gondola could be used to ride along the river that cuts through the resort.

Across the bridge was a stretch of beach with gray sand. Only a few people were on its expansive shoreline.

Nighttime in Las Casas was a bit eerie with the surrounding old structures. Transporting them was still still a debatable issue, especially for the conservatives in the archi industry. However, guests seemed to enjoy the touristy vibe of the whole compound. 

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