Bohol: By Water and by Land

By Water.

Early-morning Dolphin-watching. We woke up before sunrise so we can have a glimpse of dolphins having their early swim. This activity was more like tourists on motor boats chasing a pod of dolphins. 

Balicasag Island. We had our simple breakfast (aka canton with hard boiled eggs) during our 1st stop then made a brief tour of the island. There was a watch tower, which was unfortunately closed, and a small chapel, which we could not identify if it was even a Catholic one.  Pa and I did our snorkeling while Ma and my sister stayed behind.   

Virgin/Pungtud Island. Virgin Island was similar to that of Palawan's Snake Island: lovely and breath-taking. I have a special spot for white sandbars fronting a blue sea and sky. 

By Land

Bohol Bee Farm. Set against a cliff, this place was home to a new find: their yummy ice cream. Our four days in Bohol were not complete without a scoop of their artisan sweets. 

Dauis Church. Part of our tour was a visit to Bohol's old churches. Bohol had a lot of old churches that their province could be a perfect venue for a historical architecture field trip. I especially liked the one in Dauis. Its ceiling was filled with trompe l'oeil, similar to the ones that I saw in San Agustin Church in Intramuros and the ones in Italy.

Blood Compact Site. The view of waters behind was just as a must-see as to this historical marker.

Loboc Church and River. We didn't visit the church but we did have a river cruise in Loboc. The peaceful river ride was something new. 

Chocolate Hills. I was not informed that having a glimpse of this lumps of wonder involved climbing one. 

Bohol Sunrise. During our 4-day stay, I was deprived of a sunset by the shore. Instead, I was able to witness this. =) 

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