Bangkok: Eat, Pray (Shop)

Chao Phraya River from Wat Arun Temple.

An LJ repost from November 2011.

Searching for adventure. After arriving in Bangkok, I suggested to take the traveler's route aka walk from the train station to reach our hotel. From a supposedly 10 to 15 minute walk, searching for our hotel lasted almost an hour because of a heavy downpour.

One of our "authentic" Bangkok/touristy experience. We rode a longtail boat to cruise along Chao Phraya River (similar to what Pasig River was to our country). From that ride, we had a glimpse of the city's cultural, urban and "rural" landscapes. 

Old Village. Here's a shot of an old vendor selling his products along the submerged Old Village in Bangkok. Flooded porches seemed to be a part of their homes.

Wat Arun Temple. A Buddhist temple beside the river. We had to traverse its steep (very steep) steps to reach its top (almost).

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