4th of June

Real, Quezon is a few hours away from our place in Rizal. After n years, my high school friends and I finally had an out-of-town trip and our destination was Real.

With its playful and laidback vibe, Real Surf is a resort fit for the young and more adventurous crowd. Cabanas were available for both overnight stay and day trip rent and tents can also be set up.

We stayed at this cottage, which was naturally cooled during nighttime. It was a big gazebo divided into four using curtains for the privacy of each group.

Our cottage came with a dining area, where we had our afternoon and late night conversations. Our table may not be directly along the beach front but it was perfect for sneaky people-watching.

The waters during our stay were shallow and calm: an ideal combination for spending idle time by the beach.

Being on the eastern side of Luzon, Real has an unobstructed view of the sunrise.

Kafe Paradiso is a restaurant with an obscure location along the highway. We had our first full meal at this place and it only happened when we were on our way home.

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