Baler Glamping

The other side

This sleepy town underwent several changes ever since it no longer caters exclusively to frequent surfers. From cozy accommodations, big-scale family-friendly resorts started appearing.

This boardwalk is lined with restaurants and resorts. It is the Baler filled with various activities, like surfing and even leisure biking.  

Along this boardwalk is Costa Pacifica, which seems to be the biggest resort in terms of its area and number of rooms. 

Away from the bustling side of Baler is Easy Adventure.

It's a seaside property, where it offers both a beach, which may not be suitable for swimming, and a river with mangroves, which is ideal for paddling and kayaking.

Accommodations are unique since guests stay instead in comfortable tents, complete with mattresses, pillows and emergency lamps.


Nooks are scattered within the property for a more secluded stay. Our "spot" was an elevated hut, with a dining area under, and hammocks and a balcony on the second floor.

Before reaching the shoreline is a vast meadow, filled with low shrubs and Vietnam roses. 

Easy Adventure is a unique resort with a one-with-nature approach, perfect for those who don't prefer the hassles of camping.

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