Fooling around in Italia

This is an attempt to blog about my recent trip to my dream destination.

An LJ repost from November 2010.

This sudden travel was care of our former dean who mentioned it to us 1 year ago during our design class. A little more than a month before the set dates, he said the plans are sort of final. Student counterpart delegates are needed for the 3-day Philippine-Italy Cultural Nexus in Florence. After a month of stress and drama, we finally got hold of our visas (a day before our travel date). I had no more time to shop for clothes, boots, bags…etc. I had time to buy lots of groceries and undergarments and a Filipiniana “attire”.

Why I love Italy:

Italy is definitely a country…

for the arts…

the Vitruvian Men were created there,

sculptures are everywhere,

and the ever-famous ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is a permanent resident.

…for different personalities

ninja assassins taking over the colosseum

fighting gladiators

a masked-character-from-a-venetian-tale

and a baby nutella

…for yummy Italian “specialties”

and for authentic ones

and for architecture which is not just devoted for one specific period: a haven for the classical, renaissance, modern.





Great trip, TEAM DIKIT!

til our next adventure!

next stop:


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